who is Annie Barrett?

My story on becoming a naturopath.


Naturopath Caloundra Sunshine Coast Annie Barrett wearing a green and white dress and red shoes, leaning against a bookshelf filled with different herbal teas and books

Hi! I’m Annie Barrett, a degree qualified naturopath and medical scientist based on the Sunshine Coast and online anywhere in Australia.

My passion is turning exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and digestive problems, into happiness, health, and vitality.  Having worked a 24/7 roster for 20+ years I understand the stress shift work puts on your body.  Therefore, I especially enjoy helping shift workers. 

I started my professional career in 1998 working as a medical scientist specialising in Haematology and Blood Transfusion.  During this time I worked in hospital laboratories in Brisbane, Melbourne, England, and Ireland. 

My interest in naturopathy began when a colleague gave me the details of their naturopath.  Years of shift work had taken a toll on my body, resulting in exhaustion, sleep, and digestive issues.  I kept saying to family and friends, ‘If something doesn’t change I’m going to collapse on the floor in a heap’.  I was totally burnt-out.  Once I was so tired I micro-napped riding my bike to work, uphill!  Something needed to change, big time, so I booked in to see my friend’s naturopath.


My naturopath helped me using herbal and nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes.


I changed my diet, discovered what brings me joy and did it (tap dancing, drinking tea, cooking), allowed myself time for self-care, tried to become more organised, and learn time management skills (I’m still working on this one!), and one of the hardest for me, attempted to be less of a perfectionist.

Soon I contemplated studying naturopathy myself. I decided to take the leap, even though I knew juggling work and study meant more stress and late nights. However, armed with what I had learned, and a massive bottle of medicinal herbs, I felt prepared to face whatever life threw at me.  You can read more about my values and principles here.

Fast forward to today, I now have my own naturopathy business on the Sunshine Coast!  Woo Hoo!


I hope one day I can help you make the changes you need for a happy, healthy life.


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