pathology testing

Having worked for 21 years as a medical scientist I can interpret a wide range of pathology tests. Also, during our naturopathy studies, we are taught to interpret pathology testing using a naturopathic approach.Therefore, please bring copies of any recent pathology tests to your appointment.

On top of being able to understand routine pathology tests, naturopaths can order functional pathology tests. Tests include stool testing, microbiome testing, hormone testing and others. Medicare does not cover the cost of these tests, therefore, there will be an out of pocket expense.Consequently, I will always discuss options with you before ordering any of these tests.

What is functional pathology?

Functional pathology is used to determine any abnormalities in the function of a tissue or organ. It aims to investigate the status of functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal processes of the body through the use of testing.Functional pathology testing provides an easily accessible tool for practitioners to help manage the health of their patients.

When a functional test is ordered, a test kit will be delivered to you with detailed instructions on how to perform the test.Samples may be collected at home or an affiliated pathology collection centre.Sample types include stool, urine, saliva, hair or blood.Once the sample has been collected, it is either posted back to the laboratory or dropped off at an affiliated pathology collection centre.When your testing is completed the results are sent to me and we will go through them at our next appointment.